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Woman for individual therapy
Individual Therapy

We work with individuals struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors, deceptive sexuality trauma, anxiety, and depression. Our work with individuals frequently includes EMDR.


Couples Therapy

We work with couples towards creating closeness and healing from past wounds. Using Emotion Focused therapy helps us to disrupt negative patterns and own and share your unmet attachment needs. 

Group Therapy

We offer several different groups for men, women and teens. We understand the power of connection while learning tools to navigate the healing and recovery process. 

See Below for Available Groups

Men's Recovery Workshop
If you are a man seeking treatment for sexual compulsivity or sexual addiction, part of our treatment approach involves attending a Men's Recovery Workshop based on the work of Dr. Omar Minwalla. The provided content will be an asset whether you continue with our team or work with your own individual therapist. We encourage attendance of this workshop prior to entering treatment with us. 
Jenae Lindsey facilitates this workshop. 
For more information or to be placed on the waitlist please call or email: 

Our Groups

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